Thank you for your enthusiasm to bring creative joy
to Simis students with Art Masterpiece!
You’ll present ready-made slideshows of local and famous artists
and guide hands-on art projects in the classroom with provided art materials.

Sculpt special memories with your child, their teacher and their friends

by volunteering as an Art Guide this year!




Step 1: Fill out the Madison District Volunteer Form.
This form registers you for the Raptor system in the front office.
All volunteers must be cleared through the district to volunteer on campus.


Step 2: Become a Simis Art Guide!
Visit the SIMIS PATS website to register an account and access our Art Masterpiece general interest form for more information on our 2023/2024 creative community.


Step 3: Review the Madison

Art Masterpiece District Orientation Workshop recordings.

Fall 2023 Project Example Fall 2022 Art Docent Slideshow